All at 26s and 37s

The increasingly bitter row over funding for free travel in Gloucestershire could threaten two local bus services.

Stagecoach is hinting that unless there’ a swift resolution between itself and the consortium of districts in Gloucestershire then the 26 Stroud-France Lynch and 37 Stroud-Cashes Green could ace cost-cutting reductions later this year.

The 37 currently operates to a somewhat inefficient timetable at every 15 minutes. Reducing it to every 20, as Stagecoach suggests, makes it effective, saving a bus.

The Cashes Greens have seen a variety of frequencies in their time, from a chaotic broadly two per hour service in the pre-MAP days when buses usually ran through to terminate at neighbouring villages to every 10 minutes:

Pre-1983: broadly two per hour but not clock-face (most buses terminating beyond Cashes Green at Randwick, Ruscombe, Westrip Turning or Foxmoor Lane, Ebley).

1983: Clockface half-hourly

1992: Every 10 minutes upon the introduction of Ford Transit 16 seat minibuses under the ‘Metro’ brand


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