Someone’s Noticed

Came across this. It masquerades as a piece on the 46 evening service withdrawal but it actually features a review of “Stroud’s Buses”, the book.

I was therefore delighted to read this blog entry on the Ruscombe Green blog by Phillip Booth. The blog was recently voted a highly commendable fifth Top Green Blogger BTW. Be warned, though, that Booth considers the reduction in the 37 (Stroud-Cashes Green) but that some of the reasoning won’t accord with everyone’s views. See Cashes Green: exploding a few myths on this blog for another view.

Booth quotes a John Meadley’s summary of “Stroud’s Buses”. “It is interesting to see that the No 46 (Stroud to Cheltenham) was taken out of service completely in 1985 when the subsidy was withdrawn. It seems that there is nothing new!”

Well, it isn’t *strictly* correct to say that the service vanished because of a withdrawal of subsidy but, to a layman, the real reason amounts to much the same thing. What Meadley and the blog writer need to know is that the 46 is now actually something of a star performer (by Stroud’s standards).

Read Meadley’s 2,316-word summary of “Stroud’s Buses” the book here.


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