Bristol RE

We continue our look at the vehicles that will assemble for the 29 June 2008 Stroud Running Day.

If there was one bus that characterised the 1970s at Stroud, it was the Bristol RE. The first of these hard-working machines arrived in 1967 and the last new example in 1974 (being Bristol Omnibus’ last of all). They were withdrawn from Stroud as late as 1986 . In those 19 years, the RE completely changed the way BOC operated buses in the town.

Delightful reminder of the early 1970s at Stroud

They were large enough to see off the remaining crew-operated double decks. They were powerful enough to operate on just about any of Stroud’s arduous climbs. They made a fine contribution to Stroud’s trunk routes. More importantly, they offered passengers a new, bright interior and a comfortable ride. So what if they were a little noisy in the process.

Moreover, the high frame dual purpose RELHs were equally at home on stage carriage, limited stop services or tours & excursions, such was the type’s versatility.

It’s therefore not surprising that a number of these popular vehicles have found their way into preservation and 11 are promised at the 29 June 2008 running day.

More on Stroud’s REs may be found here.


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