Stagecoach Cuts Service

Back in March we reported on this blog that the continuing disagreements over free travel reimbursements between Stagecoach and the Gloucestershire councils might mean a reduction in local services.

Well, today’s the day. Stagecoch is cutting two back significantly.

One is service 26 (Stroud-France Lynch) which, last week, operated at half-hourly intervals (hourly on Saturdays). Such a service befits the large agglomeration of housing as we now see at Bussage Manor Farm. As of today, though, Stagecoach has reduced the service to hourly, six days a week.

The other is the 37 (Stroud-Cashes Green). The changes here are less painful but no less significant. Whereas beforehand buses operated at every 15 minutes throughout a large slice of the Monday to Friday timetable, this is now scaled back.

New Cashes Green Timetable

Buses now operate to a 20-minute frequency to 0915 rather than 0800 as previously. The 15-minute service will now operate 0915-1445 (previously 0800-1715). After 1445, the 37 drops back to every 20 minutes till 1645. 1645-1730 sees the service regain its 15-minute frequency, followed by later departures at 1750, 1810 and 1840.

This takes out one bus during the school peak but, ironically, because the 15-minute timetable is inefficient compared to the 20-minute one, the reductions though saving a peak school bus result in only four fewer departures per day (but a somewhat untidy timetable).

Confused? Fair play to Stagecoach in making these changes as painless as possible. Cashes Green residents could so easily have seen a 20 minute service throughout.

Service Old Mon-Fri New Mon-Fri Old Sat New Sat
26 Up to every half hour (23 per day) Hourly (17 per day) Hourly (12 per day) Hourly (12 per day)
37 Up to every 15 minutes 0800-1715 (50 per day) Up to every 15 mins (0915-1445) (46 per day) Up to every 20 mins (37 per day) Up to every 20 mins (37 per day)

There are also minor changes to the 14 (Stroud-Stanleys-Stonehouse-Gloucester) and 20 (Stroud-Stonehouse-Dursley-Uley).


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