Guy Arab

We continue our look at the vehicles that will assemble for the 29 June 2008 Stroud Running Day.

One of the most buses at this year’s Running Day will be HWO 342, a 1949 Guy Arab with Duple bodywork, new to Red & White. Though it’s believed that Red & White didn’t operate these buses at Stroud, there remains a link with the town nonetheless.

For it was one year after this vehicle’s manufacture that Red & White sold to the State. This paved the way for a reorganisation that would see the end of Red & White Services in Stroud, in a logical tidying up exercise leaving the Bristol company dominant. Yet, in 1949 and indeed 1950, Red & White double decks (of Albion manufacture) still looked resplendent around the town. Red & White always tended to operate smartly turned out vehicles such as this.

Image of R&W Guy in service

Image of R&W Guy in service

Stroud is also known to be the first Red & White garage to operate double decks though, of course, the other pre-1950 operator Western National also did so, and from the very start.

The image of a Red & White Guy in service is from the book “Red & White Services 1919-1949” by Walter Dowding, published in 1950.


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