Highwood Memories

These two interesting pictures come from the former Highwood School memories site.

Highwood was a secondary modern school located adjacent to the fast developing Forest Green, high above Nailsworth, and open from 1964 to 1991.

Highwood between 1973 and 1795

The site says the picture above was taken any time from 1972. Not far out. The number 564 was introduced in 1968, replacing the erstwhile 46. The block BRISTOL on the side of the partly obscured Bristol RE to the right was only introduced from 1972 but it was unlikely that both buses would’ve been repainted in the associated 1972 NBC leaf green in that year, as it took time to phase the new livery in.

On the other hand, the MW on the left was one of a number in Stroud, the last of which went as late as 1979. These remnants tended to be converted dual purpose MW6Gs though a couple of bus MW5Gs survived till late on. Since the MW is a 5G, I’d put the picture at 1973-1976, after which time the MWs were rarer.

The RE would be on the through Forest Green-Nailsworth-Stroud-Cheltenham, with the MW on a duplicate to Stroud only.

Cotswold coaching trip for Highwood School

This equally delightful picture of what is presumably an afternoon autumnal departure following a field trip shows what I think is a Leyland Leopard/Plaxton Supreme V coach. If so, the photo can be dated more precisely. Such vehicles were only at Stroud between May 1987 and May 1989.

I wonder what’s happened to all these people and, since the closure of Highwood, where do their own children attend?

(Pupils who live along the current 46 successor to the 564 tend now to attend Thomas Keeble, the former Manor School, Eastcombe).


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