Bulwark Closed

It was sad to learn of the recent closure by Stagecoach of its Bulwark garage in Chepstow though latterly, in truth, it was barely more than an outstation. This was once the administrative & engineering hub of the great Red & White, whose inter-war Forest of Dean and South Wales tentacles spread as far as Cheltenham District Traction and Stroud. Stroud lost Red & White in 1950, upon a post-nationalisation rationalisation, but in its home territory the name was also lost (albeit temporarily) upon the merger of Western Welsh and Red & White in the 1970s. The name later reappeared as a marketing sub-brand when Western Travel took over and remained as Stagecoach Red & White after Western Travel passed to Stagecoach in 1993 but became largely redundant in April 2003 at the loss of virtually all Stagecoach Red & White’s rural hinterland services as they passed after tender to independents. The remnants soon found themselves under under the less romantic though definitely descriptive Stagecoach in South Wales.

More on the red buses of Stroud here.


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