Bus ‘Station’ Criticised

A Stroud Town Council survey has revealed deep discontent over the lack of a proper bus station in Stroud, said the BBC this morning. The new bus arrangements on Merrywalks attracted one of the longest lists of questions and criticisms in a survey carried out by the council, with the council revealing that the issue would be addressed as a ‘key priority’. Without prompting, about 10 per cent of people chose to complain.

Report on the BBC on Stroud's Bus Station

Two representative comments as reported were:

1. Merrywalks bus station was, as we were led to believe, to be temporary. We were definitely conned. Now we have to wait in the cold and rain under shelters that are definitely inadequate.

2. The ‘bus station’ being situated on a main street has caused a huge increase in congestion. It is also dangerous for pedestrians, as many do not use the crossing and ‘chance it’ by running between cars. This has been a complete disaster.

Deputy mayor Andy Read said,  “The fact that, with no prompting, more than 10% of people chose to complain about the bus facilities at Merrywalks certainly shows that this is an issue which requires urgent attention.

Go to BBC News Gloucestershire


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