New Tesco Bus

Swanbrook Transport has taken over the free bus service on behalf of Tesco. It originally started on 9 February 2008 and continues Mondays to Fridays at every 20-minutes between Merrywalks and Tesco, via Beeches Green, between approximately 0930 and 1430 hrs. Swanbrook also has the weekly services from more outlying settlements.

Tesco’s website still refers to the Stagecoach West service.

Nationally, Tesco and bus services have in the past had an uneasy relationship, with some embryonic services curtailed and disputes over buses entering car park. Now, though, Tesco appears to have grasped the idea and even have what is becoming a standard livery.

Mercedes Mini for Stroud Tesco

Given that users are likely to be more elderly people, it’s such a pity Tesco feels unable to contract an accessible vehicle. Still, every little helps, a phrase seemingly embedded within the nation’s psyche. Mind you, it also seems to imply that Tesco only helps a little and that the help is almost imperceptibility small and useless.


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