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School CCTV

CCTV placed on some  Stroud’s school buses since the start of the current academic year are said to have reduced incidents of anti-social behaviour by as much as 80 per cent, according to Stroud Life.  Only three pupils were banned since the cameras’ introduction.  So successful has the pilot been the county council is considering a wider roll-out. It relies on match-funding from both operators and the county council. Of the six participating schools, Marling, Stroud High for Girls, Archway and Thomas Keeble (Eastcombe Manor) are in and around Stroud.


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Order Relaxation?

A “sudden surge” in passenger numbers seems likely to result in a relaxation of the 1997 traffic order that restricts buses using Stroud town centre to just 33 seats.

The order was designed to keep bigger buses out of London Road at the time when there were concerns about fumes and congestion. It dates back to 1997 when the bus station was reopened. At the bus station’s closure in 1992, buses had been using on-street stops. This arrangement, though introduced for good reason, had never seen widespread approval from the people of Stroud.  The idea behind the order was therefore to restrict town centre access to local services only.

These local buses are principally operated by Cotswold Green whose services have enjoyed a 25 per cent increase in the last 12 months, partly as a result of changing school catchments. Cotswold Green is said to struggle to meet demand with its smaller buses, without passengers standing, and wishes to use 40-43 seaters.

The order is subject to a sixth month trial and consultations.

It’s rather ironic that modern DDA compliant easy access single decks seating some 33 passengers are almost as long as traditional 10m double decks that the order bans.

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Pucklechurch on the Ice

Pucklechurch Cotswold Green skates on thin ice

Pucklechurch: Cotswold Green skates on thin ice

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16 Cotswold Green buses now carry adverts for Stroud Life, the recent weekly alternative newspaper to the Stroud News & Journal.

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